Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Bush Fire Quilt that I have finished...

OK, the temptation got too much for me. I HAD to get my needle into one of the quilt tops that was calling my name so sweetly.

So here is the first quilt I did. It is not #1...it is #43. These are some blocks I just really really LOVED. As I opened each package that came to my house I sorted blocks and every once in a while there was a star that just SCREAMED at me to put it aside and save it for a bunch of other wild and crazy stars...so I did. Here are 30 of those stars all twinkling together. Yes...I know 30 is more than 25, but I just really wanted all these in one quilt. It is a bit bigger than the other quilts will be, but I love it so...Don't you?
Here is how I quilted it....swirls and twirls, my favorite meandering style.

And I ended up having to stitch the binding on by hand because I machine stitched it to the front instead of the back....it was my intention to make a pretty stitch on the front binding, but alas fate had another plan for me. One of the only times I get to linger in my reading chair is when I am binding a quilt. I can watch the kids in the playground from the window...but it is not hot and dusty like it would be if I was outside.
Erica came over Sunday and we sorted out another 400 quilt blocks into their sets of quilt tops. There are some more really glorious ones to come...oh heck they are all going to be awesome. I did take pictures while we were laying them out so I guess I should go upload them...in time.
I finished several bags...so the list over there is getting so wonderfully short! You know what I can't wait for? When we are all settled in Kansas and I take a couple orders....the turnaround is going to be like a week. How wild is that? I can't wait! I refuse to be backed up like I got with these last bag orders. It is not fair to you having to wait so long.
Oh and I decided something else. I will no longer sew for anyone or their spouse who works for my husband. It is a conflict of interest, and that is that.
on that note I have a big pancake to take out of the oven so the kiddos can eat before school!
Here is really the last thing...Have you seen Purl Bee's Sunny Tied Quilt? I love it so much. I have been wanting to do a tied quilt for a while and I love how they explain how to do it. I may have time to make a quilt or two for myself before we leave Australia!!!!!


Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

Just beautiful!

Kristin L said...

I love that quilt! I see one of my blocks in there and am so happy that it is among such exuberant friends. I look forward to seeing more as they are finished. :-)

Andi said...

The quilt looks amazing. The quilting is beautiful.
You are doing such a wonderful thing!!
Will you be giving the receiver information about who made their blocks? Or is that too much like another load of hard work?
Either way, good for you!!
Andi :-)

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Great quilt. Love all the colors. You are one fast quilter.

nicolette said...

Stunningly beautiful!

silversmith said...

it looks fantastic and the swirls are great!

on a different note...once you're settled in kansas, i hope to be one of the orders you take for bags. my sailor was looking at the bags you made and dumped his old bdu's and half his working blues on my table so you could make bags for me. i made him take them all back to his closet until you're ready for new orders.

belinda said...

wonderful quilt!!! what a great job
you are doing....if I lived next door I would help!!!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing, this top looks fabulous (of course). Really though, an inspiration, homeschooling, hero bags, quilts and these quilts now.

Woman..you are a superstar

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I was so thrilled to see two of my blocks in this one. What a treat. I also love the swirls. I need to give that a try. Someone's going to love it!

cjh said...

Your swirls are really nice. I am going to try it soon. I'll send you a pic when I do.

Anonymous said...

I was browsing through your blog, catching up with the news, et voila, the 30 block quilt with one of mine on it! I was thrilled, especially as my husband and I had spent a lovely week visiting Torquay (nr Melbourne) in November last year. We are delighted to have made a tiny contribution towards your extra-ordinary project. Love the squirls, too - will try those myself. Isn/t it fantastic finding out that, despite having done something one way for years and years you suddenly discover that, actually, there is another (and different) way to do something. Fabulous!

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