Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some reasons I love Kathy Mack of Pink Chalk Studio

The mail was late getting delivered yesterday so I didn't pick mine up until this morning...but what a thrill it was!

Last year I would buy fabric at least every week or every other week...I bought heaps. Now I do have a little sewing business, so it was all purchased for a purpose, but still I bought stacks of fabric. This year I really have not bought much at all. 99.9% of my fabric shopping is conducted Online. Due to where we live there is just not much selection, so I shop elsewhere. So I love it when I find a great little Online shop to get my fabric fix from.

Many of you know Kathy Mack from her Blog Pink Chalk Studio Blog. She has a shop too. She made some blocks for the Bush Fire Quilt Project and sent me 6 boxes of wonderful safety pins so we can pin baste all these quilts that are coming together. I dig Kathy. I have bought fabric from her a couple other times, but I want to share my purchases with you this time.

This is the stack of Denyse Schmidt fabric I was even ON SALE!!!!! WooPeeeeee!!!!

I keep reading all over blogville about how awesome Wonderland is by Momo....well I went ahead and ordered some of that too. It is SEW fantastic! And So very much better in real life. I just can't imagine how awesome this collection must be in a shop all rolled up on the bolt. Gosh I miss visiting fabric shops and wondering around in a daze dreaming of all I could make and what looks great with what....soon I will be back in the real world and one of my first stops is going to be a fabric shop with my mom! Get ready mom...I know you want to look at clothes...but I so very much prefer looking at fabric.

Here is the big Wonderland print all stretched out. Isn't it terrific? I see bags when I look at it, What do you see?

Here is my stack of Pink Chalk Fabric lovelies! Oh and have I mentioned how fast they came? That Kathy is one quick shipper!

Here are all the Denyse Schmidt quilting cottons (I have a bunch of the decor weight from Country Fair as well) that I could find in my sewing room...they look pretty happy together, don't they? I am pretty sure I have more somewhere else...but I just don't know where I stuck them.
I am having to rummage through my fabric collection and try to decide which fabric I am going to pack up and take to Kansas with me and what I will try to find new homes for here. I have so very much fabric....Heaps and heaps of it. At this point I think there is only one more line I am going to buy before we move and that is Far Far Away by Heather Ross....I a quite excited about it. You may ask yourself "Why should you get rid of any of your fabric??" well...we are moving from a 4 bedroom house where I am using one of the bedrooms as my sewing studio to what will more than likely be a 3 bedroom dwelling. It will more than likely be smaller with less closet space.
I have so much to blog about....but so little time! The Quiltathon has been moved again since the weekend of the 11 the room was being used. I should know tomorrow or the next day where and when it will be. Stand by for that information. Also I am back on bags for the rest of the week. I hope to have quite a few ready to mail out Friday! Woopee!!!


Georgia said...

I know how you feel. We have 2 tiny fabric shops in town, and they both sell the more 'country' style fabrics, which I'm not too keen on. Combine that with the $24 (at least!) a metre price tags and it makes much more sense to shop online from the US, even with the dismal state of our dollar at the moment. Not so good for our local economy perhaps, but much better for my bank account. :-)

Mom on the Move! said...

You made bags for me about two years ago. We are moving to the land of tornados and flying monkeys too... maybe one day we will run into each other and I can pick your brain. You inspire me and I think this move from Germany is going to lead to a stab at a new career path in fabric arts (not bags ;-).

nicolette said...

You bought gorgeous fabrics!!

I love Kathy’s shop, her patterns, the fabrics, her blog, love it!

In Holland it’s hard to find the modern kind of quilting fabrics, so I always buy online when I want some of those and Kathy’s shop has the best!

The metre price is Euro 18,- (= 34 AU$)overhere..

wholesomemama said...

Tia, I don't know how you're going to do it (part with some of your stash, that is). Surely there will be attic space at the new house? :D

BUT, if you ever do sell off some of your stash, please, please do let me know, first! ;P

~wholesomemama (Hibiscus Baby)

Stephanie said...

If you decide to sell some email me too, wherever you list it. I will buy some, you definitely have a good eye for fabrics!! Good luck with the move.


Tif said...

oooo, look at all of that loveliness!!!

SASHAA said...

Make sure you check out Sarah's in Lawrence, KS. Not sure where you're ending up, but it's only about a 40 minute drive from Fort Leavenworth.

sj said...

I shouldn't have read this post!!! Have just placed another order with Pink Chalk Studio after recieving my first order of beautiful fabrics last week. I cant believe it's still cheaper to buy from the States, but it is.

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