Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I would like to introduce you to Nellie and some new bag styles

HI Everyone!

I want to introduce you to my "new to me" Necchi sewing machine. But first let me show you 2 bags I made with her.

This is a bag that I made based on one I saw in the Denver Airport. On my big trip I am pretty sure people may have thought I was some sort of bag snatcher, not that I actually snatched any one's bag, but I sure did scope all the bags out people were carrying. Lots of Vera Bradley bags....and lots of coach bags...lots of giant slouchy bags that must be impossible to find anything deep within their cavernous depths, but this one was based on a Prada bag I saw. It was a wonderful simple wide square made with pumpkin orange leather. That is really the only bag that stood out to me as amazing and wonderful. The rest were just - seen one seen them all.

I have been wanting to incorporate leather in my designs for some time, but lack of leather and an odd intimidation of leather held me back. But NO MORE, my friends!

See this bag is a fat leather tote with 2 small Improvisational pieced quilts for sides. I love this bag. The thick leather is wonderfully supple and the quilted sides give it great personality. I used Lots of BDU in the quilted bits and the straps are also BDU.

Pricing is going to be tricky on this bag. The leather is quite pricey....I will make a couple and pop them in my shop and we will see how they go. I will not be making these as custom bags....too many variables I think.

Here is another style leather bag I will be making for my little shop. My mom is testing out this style for me. There is a nice snap that keeps this wee clutch secure. There is room for some money, credit cards, ID, a lippy and a slim cell phone. Your mate will have to hold the keys.

So....without further ado let me introduce you to Nellie!!!!!!! Here she is. I won her on Ebay and had her sent to my mom and dad so we could collect her on our trip to Kansas. I didn't want to be without a sewing machine for months and months and have a fantastic fabric shop right down the road. Figuring out the tension on her was a bit tricky, but that is my fault since as soon as I got her out of her box I tightened everything down without knowing what all the knobs and dials were for. She is so very strong. My husband says she sounds like a well oiled 60 caliber machine gun. So she is a bit loud. Her bobbin case is almost exactly the same as the one on my Bernina 175...when she gets here (sometime in September we have found out) I will compare the two bobbins for your entertainment. But hey for the price you can't beat it! I paid $71 for her and shipping was another $25. Now that I have some of her secrets figured out we are getting on quite well. I have started back on some of my Block of the month things for my 8to8 swap and it feels good to be catching up. We are starting Vacation Bible School today - all 3 kiddos and I are participating. I get to be a tour guide (frankly I am not completely sure what that entails, but I am sure a bit of OJT will suit me fine).
An update on my new gatos....We took 2 home with us a delicate little female and an enormous male. We will need to get Ike's testicles removed as soon as possible since my husband and I are loosing sleep due to him singing his heart out all night to his own sister. The soonest that can happen is the 17th. Not soon enough...but it will have to do.
OK, off to rouse the kiddos so we can get our day in gear! I hope you have a great one.


Francy said...

yum...pumpkin orange leather with quilted pink sides would be yummmmmy :o)

You cats are simply beautiful! The big boy of yours looks like my Christopher. Love those eyes.

Vicki said...

It's great to see you settling into your new place. Ellie & Big Ike are adorable and will bring lots of joy to the family plus furry embelishments for your sewing projects :-).

TheAlbrechtSquad said...


Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous FALL purse! I love it. :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Those old machines sure are great for sewing leather. I like Organ needles - extra strong! Sometimes you can get a wonderful trench style coat at Goodwill for not much money and as an added bonus - lots of big, clunky matching buttons! Enjoy sewing on leather!! I see that not 1, but 2 sweet kitties followed you home the other day! So sweet.
Cheers! Evelyn

Shelley said...

absolutely LLOOVVEE the leather purse!

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