Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Sunday Morning!

Good Morning! I am still here and sewing away. Things have been busy around our household as we try to prepare for our next move. I have been sorting clothes like crazy, but mostly fretting about where we will be living in Texas. The military has a policy of not letting you know where you will live until right before you get there...maybe it is some sort of training experiment, they want you and your family totally stressed to the max and then you get there and they have you jump through flaming hoops (not really, but they may as well). It wouldn't be a problem if we were going to one of the larger bases, but we are going to an Air Force base and it is primarily a training base. There is nothing to rent in town. Nothing. We can buy a house, but I don't want to be stuck with a house in this dreadful market in the middle of Texas. Do you feel some of my stress? Yes they have housing on post, but from what tiny bit of intel I have been able to decoupage together there is a long wait. I want to live on post. I am a post dweller. I like pretending I live in a bubble. So.....where will be hang while we are waiting? Good question. Ahh....I know that things always work out. I always get worked up about where our next nest will be, and we always have somewhere to sleep and have breakfast, but I just wanted you to share some of my anxiety. Thanks...I feel much better now.

Spring is exploding all around the place here in Eastern Kansas. I love my walks in the morning as the sun is rising and the birds are singing their hearts out. The flowers and baby leaves look great.

These 2 pictures are of a Downy Quilt for Kids Jen and I made. Jen pieced the top and I quilted it. I have one more to do, but I was so very pleased with the quilting on this baby. See, I took a little class on how to love and work with my fancy Bernina 820 (on a side note, I am so happy I took my class! Holy moly that machine can do EVERYTHING! It has almost the entire users manual on the actual computer, so if you have a question while you are sewing you can just bring up the help screen and you have access to everything. It is truly a sewing others were too, but this one really really really is) and I was talking about quilting with the instructor. She was saying how she just hates all over quilting (meandering) which is totally what I do on most of my quilts! So....I tried to go a bit more traditional with this quilt and really work with the quilt top pattern.

I have been making bags too! Don't worry, I have not quit yet. I still have several to finish before I can start thinking about quitting. Well, not QUITTING, but not making them for a while since I don't think we will have power in our tepee while we are waiting for housing. I really love the fabric on this little Molly. Maps and text, you can't go wrong. She requested a great quote for the straps, and I think I will be keeping this one for myself. It goes "Lord, give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me" Can't you just see that on a little wall hanging? I can and I am actually working on one now!

March was my month in our Row 10 quilting bee. I requested red and white crosses with a hint of aqua. Here are the first 5 to arrive. I have to still make one and 4 others are in various stages of readiness all over the world. I love that group of ladies I virtually quilt with. They are really brilliant.

This is the Molly I made for Ann Marie. Both the Galvan and this Hoffman are deeper Molly Purses. I love this size bag. Maybe I need to rename it and just make it a separate bag. I am working on a pattern to sell for a version of this bag (much more simple) but every time I sit down to work on it, something happens. Oh well... in time you will be able to buy some patterns from me! I am trying!

So this was us last Sunday (Easter). We have a new chaplain at the post church and he was just brilliant.

Here is Stu trying to tuck in the boys shirts yet again. By the time we got to church both boys looked like beggars....but darn it they were cute for these pictures!
Have a great week and I will try to keep up with the blogging a bit better, so you don't have to wade through these tremendous posts!


Anonymous said...

I am so sad that you have to leave your beautiful dwelling in Kansas! I'd be stressed too about the move to Texas. But you are right, everything will work itself out.

And... I'm in love with your cross quilt. Maybe I will make a few squares today for myself. ;)

Your kids are such cutie patooties!

AllieKatMom said...

I hated when I would get a new duty station and it is so much harder with kids!! So I feel your pain and I pray you get through it and get into housing smoothly!!!

I also love your quilting and bags of course! And would look forward to buying a pattern from you, but of course I am still looking forward to having my own Camp Follower bag made by you! I just know I will fail in comparison :)

Again, good luck !!

Hillary said...

Tx eh? It seems like you just got to Kansas! Too bad it's not Campbell that you'll be gracing your presence with! Good luck on the move!

Melissa Robinson said...

Sorry you're having to leave Kansas. I thought your house was beautiful there! I love old houses! I will keep y'all in my prayers that you find a decent place to call home in Texas. Is it the little AFB near Killeen? We were trying to fly Larry out of there for his 4 day pass back in Feb. but they didn't have enough flights going out.. lol! :) Everything will work out though!! :)

Kristin L said...

What do you mean the hoops aren't really flaming? I could have sworn they were! :-)

Vicki said...

I'm bummed that you're moving! but glad I got to meet you (do you even have any idea who I am... crazy stalker... just kidding--I was in your book discussion group at the March quilt guild meeting.)

I got the same kit from quilts for kids, only with green inner border instead of pink. I'm still not done with it though.


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