Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Hey there Everyone!

I hope your weekend was as nice as mine was. I got lots of sewing time, the sun is back out and we got to hang out with some lovely friends.

I am on my way out the door to take Brunhilda for her cleaning and servicing before the movers come next week.

How empty my sewing room looks without her giant presence. No worries, I have Bertha as backup. And she really likes getting some sewing time from time to time.

I am working on this little wall hanging for my friend. Her husband recently was promoted and she really liked the gnomes I made for Kim last I made an Army gnome and his lady. I did take liberties with the uniform. The brown boots and black beret has ALWAYS bothered me, so I made this gnomes boots black. I totally took Syko's little birds. I have always LOVED them. I free pieced the gnomes, but sonjaartisania has some great little paper pieced patterns that I based my gnomes after.

Here is the quilt top I am working on for Melissa. I am sure those of you who recognize this collection of fabric know how special and rare it is. I bought it some time ago right after it came out. I have been hording it since because I really had no idea what to do with it. The scale is funny and I didn't want to slice up the deer. Well, Melissa's husband is a hunter and they are having their first baby and after talking with her back and forth, I knew I had the perfect home for my lovely Lush fabric. When I come home from KC I will be stacking this baby and getting ready to quilt it.

I finished some potholders for my friend and neighbor. She is a really brilliant litle artist in her own right. There is always something amazing happening in her little house. And I adore her little girl, she is a total ray of sunshine. She and Emma play so very well together. Amy was really funny when she was selecting her fabric. I was teaching a little sewing class so I couldn't assist with her fabric selections. Like many of you, I have fabric that is strictly for petting or taking down from time to time and soaking up the inspiration that it emits....but it CERTAINLY IS NOT FOR CUTTING! Anyway, I pointed her to my fabric closet and said go for it. I had almost forgotten she was here, but she came out with her arms laden with some of my most treasured fabric, some I had even forgotten I had (or at least I had forgotten where I had put them). Liberty of London, delicate Japanese lawns, hand screen printed specials I found in Australia....I just couldn't let her have them for pot holders. SO I took them away and pointed her to some of the shelves I thought were safe and full of wonderfully usable fabric. This time I kept my eye on her, but stayed over with the ladies I was sewing with. Nope....she was making a bee line for my Independent Fabric designers. I had to go over and narrow down her selection. SO on the third time she selected fabric I had to let her have them. I don't want to seem like a complete nut job. Maybe Amy is too much like me? Without a doubt she has the best taste. She wanted the pot holders to be very simple, so I complied. I really like them, and I think I will have to make myself some more when I get all settled. Are you like that with your fabric? DO you have some you just can't use due to it's awesomeness? I hope I am not the only one.

Last, but not least! Joy's order! I LOVE this too! Both she and her husband are in the Army, so her top is on the front of the bag and her husband is on the back.
OK, I need to boogie if I am going to get all I want done today!
Have the best day ever, folks!


mjb said...

You've been busy! I had a friend come over to pick some fabric she wanted to use last week for a gift. The first one she grabbed I thought "ooh, I kind of have a quilt in mind" but I didn't react too strongly because I knew she wouldn't use the whole yard. The second one she picked was a "no, you can't have that one" for sure. (And I think part of the problem was she was taking from the top of the stack, where my newest fabrics or the ones I pull out frequently to pet are). The third one was new, but I don't have plans for it. The fourth one, that she finally chose, was a "you can have that for sure" because I have it in more than one colorway and it's been sitting there for awhile. Funny, though, how hard it is to be open and generous with my precious stash!

sgtrobs.wifey said...

Thanks so much for the kind words Tia! It means a lot that you said you had found the perfect home! :) It will definitely be loved and treasured for years to come! <3

Rafael's Mum said...

I have drawers full with awesome fabric... which you started off by blogging about Momo Teatime Tomato last year!! I am finally going to get that yd out and cut in it.. eeeekkk.....

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