Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day Weekend

Hey there folks!

What are you guys doing for Memorial Day Weekend? We have been grilling, riding our bikes to the pool, Sorting stuff for the move (I feel like this move has been going on forever! Just come on already movers!) and of course sewing. Lots of wonderful sewing.

Here is my uber messy cutting table. With my little gnome wall hanging (my husband thinks it is really I will probably end up scrapping it and making something else for Jody) and another quilt I decided to test out my newly returned to me Brunhilda. My girlfriend just had a little baby girl and I think these colors feel like her. Lavender, lime and brown. All that mess in the background is other little projects I have started over the year I have been here and some fabric I pulled for Tine's Row 10. I am making her pinwheels.

I have been quilting on Melissa's Lush quilt. Have I told you guys before how much I LOVE the request loft cotton batting by Quilter's Dream Batting? I buy it by the roll and I am almost out. I will order another roll when we get to Texas. But it is so soft, and such a pleasure to quilt. After you wash it it just becomes butter soft....I love it. In my someday dream shop I will carry this batting and everyone will use it.

So it is Memorial day. I wanted this picture to be first in the line up, but I never know how to make that happen on this blog. We live on Fort Leavenworth, right? It is a pretty old military base and has an extensive history. As odd as it sounds I really like this cemetery. It is such a peaceful place filled with the memories of men and women who have helped mold our nation into the great country it is today. I don't wax political often on my little blog, so I really won't begin today. Just remember what this weekend is about. Think about the people who have come before us and are currently in the military and are in harms way fighting for what our nation believes is right. We are a free nation, but freedom comes at a very dear price. So have a drink to those who can't!

Ellie is meditating about how blessed her life is...or maybe not.

And last but certainly not least my wonderful craft Mafia buddy Jennifer is driving to North Carolina to set up her new nest. I will miss her! Find some craft friends at Fort Bragg! Someday I hope to join you there....This is a great picture of Jennifer, but all the ones of me look odd, or my mouth was open or my eyes were closed...just not my mental image of myself. And I totally don't have weird side is the dress.
Happy sewing!


AllieKatMom said...

I must agree it is very important to remember who has, is and will serve our country. Love the picture. It looks like Arlington cemetery. Have you been there? It is so beautiful!

the Campfollower said...

I have been to Arlington, it was a very nice cemetary. Have you been to any of the ones in France? My husband and I went to Saint Avold and it took my breath away. So many men....I can't help think but how the future was changed by their deaths.

lesthook said...

She will be my neighbor! We have a JoAnns and Hobby Lobby and a very nice quilt store called Loving Stitches!

the Campfollower said...

Well, take care of my Jennifer! SHe is a superior person. I sure will miss her.

Anonymous said...

poo to your man! I love the gnome quilt.

Thanks for serving our country lady! A child of military and a military wife? you deserve a lot of credit!

Breezy Bree said...

We have a different memorial day here in England, but whatever the day its always important to remember. We visited my Great Uncles grave in Holland a few years ago, very humbling. Karen

Miss Sews-it-all said...

We spent Memorial Day with family, giving thanks for all that we have and for those who faught to give it to us.

And I also spent a lot of time trying to dig out of the huge mess going on in my sewing room!

Love your quilts and wondered if you've found to check out all the sewing and quilting links yet?

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