Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are on a mini vacation

Hey there folks. We are on a mini vacation. I brought my baby computer, so i can't check my normal email....sounds pretty stupid, huh? Well, I can't figure out how to check it on any other computer but the one beside my sewing machine. Any way, Stu came home yesterday morning and we decided to have a little get away to Great Wolf Lodge near Kansas City. I hurried back to the back of the house and packed a bag in secret with all the kiddos things and some stuff for Stu and I and he snuck the bag down to the van. We told the kids we were all going to go for a drive and look at land and houses in the area. They totally hate that. So much griping was heard. Well, we did drive around for a bit, then stopped at a funriture store and looked at beds (Stu and I are still sleeping on a full sized bed and we figure one of these days we will promote ourselves to a bigger bed) and then we drove up the the Great Wolf Lodge and I heard Emma in the back seat wispering to the boys to keep really quiet and be really really good.

They were thrilled to spend Stu's last day of school celebrating at a really big indoor water park. It is perfect for our kids ages. And Stu and I have been having lots of fun too. Have a great weekend we are going to slide down the slides until our tails are bleeding (not really) I plan on soaking up a bit of sun by the pool. I am reading the "Red Tent" which I have never read before and it is great (I am not currently needing to be in the red tent if you know what I is not my time of the month, I am just reading the book.) My last book ended rather suddenly without answering any questions and I am pretty confused if there is another book after or not. I was reading the Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin and my last book was "Feast for Crows". Is there another one or not?

Have a great day, everyone here is getting their suits on, I should do the same!



jmbmommy said...

I loved the "Red Tent". I hope that we get some of your sun soon. Have a GREAT weekend!

anna said...

"A Feast for Crows" is his latest book in the series. According to his website it was meant to be a much bigger book that he had to split in half for size reasons. Supposedly, has the other half, "A Dance with Dragons" already written, but not published. That was 5 years ago though :). Did you hear that HBO is going to make a series based on these books?

the Campfollower said...

I am loving the Red Tent. It is so very nice to read about characters in the Bible in such an intimate way. I know a great deal of liberty was taken with the characters, but she did a heap of research too.

Anna, I thought it was the last far. And I have heard that HBO is going to make a series based on the book. I guess my favorite character is "the Hound" something about mentally tortured warriors appeals to me. Who is your favorite character?

Erica said...

I love The Red Tent! What a good book!

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