Thursday, February 3, 2011

Burrrr....It is cold here!

 Good Morning! I hope you guys are all nice and warm where ever you are (and dry if you are in Australia. You poor things are really getting hammered up in Queensland.) I have been working on this block on and off when I have some sitting time. It is inspired by Susan McCord, obviously it is MUCH more simple than her genius, but I am still learning applique. This block is for my Flickr quilt Bee (BeeFF) we all make 2 x 12.5" blocks for one another when our month comes. My month is February. I sent out fabric to the ladies and wanted them to try their hands at making Baltimore Album inspired blocks. Ambitious, I know. But they are all brilliant and Whatever they make will be awesome.

 I am also working on bags again. It feels good to be able to do it, that is for sure. We may be closer to answers for own drama at the house, so keep us in your prayers. With answers I hope to be able to focus on my little business again instead of fretting about things I have no control over. Sewing is great for shunting control. I can focus on something totally unrelated for a while and forget about our personal issues. Does that make sense? I know I am not the only one who does that.

 I bought this computer software and I am excited to try it out, but it is still in the box until I can find some down time to play with it. I will have to put on my thinking cap as well since I am not the most technological lady in town.
 So, the big news here in Texas is that it is really cold. So cold and the stars aligned just right to bring us some snow! And snow in Texas means frozen roads....and frozen roads means no school for the kiddos.  I know for those of you up North of here this is really nothing, but for San Angelo this is a really big deal. Such a big deal in fact that the local news station dedicated it's entire broadcast to the weather last night. Now any of you who have spoken with me lately know that I think our local news channel is HILARIOUS. I am pretty sure it is filmed in someones garage. I am also pretty sure that they have local volunteers come in and act as reporters. We have the worst anchor woman in the world. It is almost impossible to understand what she says because she talks so fast it looks like her lips are just blowing raspberries or she is rapping on fast forward. And you know that in Texas they talk REAL SLOW. Which is fine with me. The slowest speaker on the news is Jacob Rankin. When I first saw the news I thought something was wrong with him. But now my husband and I love watching the weather because it is one of the funniest parts of our day. I have come to really enjoy young Jacob. If you are ever in town watch the local news....but have patience, there is not much editing that takes place. I don't think the news is supposed to be funny, it is just so strangely done that it is funny.
 It was cold again today. SO cold that school was delayed  2 hours.
I was getting the kids ready to march out to the bus stop this morning. Ethan and Sam were so bundled up they couldn't lower their arms and each had on 2 pairs of gloves. Stanley had his leash in his mouth because he was determined to go with us. But Emma was diddling around upstairs. She likes to take her time with stuff so it was nothing new. When she finally made her way downstairs she was wearing a big smile and my moms white mink coat. I have been keeping my mom's mink because it is too small for her and  sometimes I get to live in cold places and it is fun to dress up in to wear to formals, right?  Well, I thought I had it hidden pretty well. Nope.  Emma said that she wanted to wear this warm "cow hair coat". Her little Russian friend in Kansas wore furs all the time, so she decided to wear this one today.

I told Emma it was not cow hair, it was white mink and very special. So I helped her pick out one of my cashmere sweaters instead and bundle up in her winter stuff. I wore the mink to the bus stop. And I was as warm as toast. Those little rodents are very good at blocking a freezing North wind. When we got in from the bus stop, Stanley was covered with ice and his whiskers were frozen but he had the biggest lab smile on his face. He likes being able to run around on frozen water.

OK, I have sewing to do. You folks have a great day and keep warm!


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Melissa said...

Doesn't it sound glamorous to wear a mink to the bus stop! I remember when my mom and dad went to the occasional military ball (I'm sure there was a special name for it, but can't think of it now). It was so neat to see my mom in a long gown and my dad in his dress uniform.

My husband is out shoveling knee deep snow out of the driveway right now but the sun is shining. Snow days are great!

I've been curious about the EQ7 too. Hope you find the time you need to figure it out.

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