Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Ever Sewing Moring at The Landings

 Good Morning! How are you guys all doing? I hope you are good. I did something fun this morning. I have had it with sewing all by myself like I am some troglodyte in an isolated cave all removed from polite society, so I reserved our community center and set up to have a sewing morning. Our husbands can tend the young for a short time while we get away and make something. Well, those who want to get away from their young can...if your baby is as wonderful as the cherub above then why would you want to be away from them? Anyway, I taught a little lesson on how to make a quilted oven mitt. I taught the ladies to draft their own patterns, so they could customize the fit as much as they wanted. It is an oven mitt, so it is not really hard, but it is a good staring point, right?

There were only the 3 of us this time, but maybe more will come next round. Maybe next time I will actually advertise it somewhere.

Have a lovely weekend where ever you are!



Melissa said...

That sounds like fun, Tia! Love the little gnomes on your mit. Also the little munchkin in the pouch :) Never too early for sewing lessons!

jmbmommy said...

This is so great Tia! I love sewing with other people. I just started a few months ago, I don't get as much done as I do alone, but I have much more fun!

Sonja said...

You're awesome Tia! I would've been there in a heartbeat :)

Jennifer said...

though i could *never* use a gnome oven mitt, i would so love to be sewing with you!

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