Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last day of School!!!!

 Friday is the last day of school. Happy day. My kids are so excited to spend the summer by the pool. I am too, honestly. I have all these little hand sewing things to work on and books to read. I can't wait. Well, with the end of school comes teacher gifts. I like to make my gifts, but I figure people really don't care for the quilts I made in the past, so what the heck? Why waste my time and money to make something that is not really wanted? I made smaller things this year. Zippy pouch, tote bag, and a fancy little clutch. Everyone also received a finger puppet and a Starbucks gift card.

These are the finger puppets I made last night. I did one more for my daughter's teacher this morning and finished it right as the bus was loading up the children. Emma had to sprint across the field. But she has to do that every morning, so that is not new. I used a great little pattern and tutorial on Soto Softie blog.

This tote bag is a new design I was fiddling around with yesterday. I always have a vision of making a really simple bag, but I never really can end up with it simple. I always want to add this or that and make it fancy, which tends to add hours to a project that would normally only take about an hour. My Sam selected the fabric for his kindergarten teacher.
 I used a tiny little pair of BDU pants, so I think with a normal human size this could be a great tote bag. I also used French seams so they are strong, but nice to look at because I didn't want to line the bag.

There are 2 pockets on the back, once again very simple pockets and more French seams.

Inside is my new little free hanging pocket so the tiny things can be easily accessed. I might make this into a free PDF if there is any interest. It is a really great bag that is quick to make.

My middle man picked out the fabric for his teachers' bag. I decided on a little zipper number for her. Batik, blue canvas and sunset orange. I like how colorful it is. The kids were funny picking fabric. I always think that they will just go in and snatch a couple fabrics at random when I ask them to choose fabric. But they are as picky as I am. They stand and look at all that I have (and I do have a bunch) and make really good choices.

The bag Emma choose for her teacher was one she had squirreled away in her room. Turns out she likes to go shopping for herself in my bin of "bags to be put in the shop". So when I go to add inventory, I don't have as much as I thought I did. I mutter to myself about what the heck I have been doing and I could have sworn that I have been doing more sewing??? I now know where her hidey spots are so maybe one of these days I will put more things in my shop.

Oh well. I am happy school is almost over. I was pleased with the things I made the teachers, and I hope they will be used. They don't have to be loved...I just want to give useful things.

Oh that is all that was left of my Cinnamon Sugar Pull apart bread. It was awesome. It came out of the oven about 10 minutes after the kids got home from school and it was devoured. I saved a little tiny bit for my husband. I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't want to eat it and I could save it for my own breakfast....but no such luck. I guess I will be making another someday soon. Today is probably too soon. But on the near horizon. This also may be my new hostess gift. I would love forever someone who brought me this.

Ok, have a good day. I am going to tidy up my sewing room and get back to work.



Lynn said...

My daughter also likes to squirrel away my projects... Hmmmm.

I love the teacher gift idea. I think I'll let P choose one of my finished and not in the shop bags.

Thanks for the tip.

I also think I need to made some of that cinnamon stuff. I love cinnamon. Yeah, lets put on the weight together.

the Campfollower said...

It is way easier if your kids just choose from things you have already made. That is for sure!

That bread is a sweet way to put on some softness.

Ursula said...

I find this teacher gift thing an amazing custom. In Germany we don't know anything like that. Don't know why. Maybe because most of our schools are public schools, and the teachers are pretty well paid, so nobody feels the need to express special thanks?

Anyways, if I happened to be a teacher to your kids, I would love to receive a little quilt made by the awesome Campfollower! But one of those adorable bags would be just as welcome ...

Greetz from the German Southwest

the Campfollower said...

Thanks Ursula! I don't remember my mom ever giving gifts to our teachers growing up either. As a matter of fact, I really don't know why I feel compelled to give something to the kids teachers. I guess my friends tend to do it, so I feel I should too. Who knows the answer?

LJ said...

Waving my hand madly, I do I do, want the bag pattern. After two years with the same teacher I think that would be a lovely bag for A's teacher.
I want to make that bread! I'm already soft so I'm not too worried. ;) I think it would be great fall winter kind of snack.

The Army of Four said...

"IF" there's any interest in a PDF? YES, PLEASE! :)

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