Saturday, July 23, 2011

some pretty frocks

 So, Good morning! How are you all doing? We are good. While I have not been cranking out any quilts or very many bags I have not been idol. After finally working with cotton jersey fabric I LOVE it. It is so easy to take these projects anywhere and work on them while the kids swim or go to camp of whatever they are going to do. I can even sit on the porch and stitch while the kids operate a lemonade stand. The American Business model is alive and well out here in San Angelo, TX. Personally, I have figured out how to make a mint julep and that has been my beverage in the evening. To hot for wine. But mint and bourbon and tons of ice seems to be OK. Well, I am sure I use too much ice and water to make a proper julep, but I am not very familiar with bourbon. I like a pretty watered down version.

 So here is the last dress I finished using Alabama Studio Style. I used some cotton Jersey that I bought at Hancocks for a dollar yard. It does have polyester in it so although I used the same pattern it is really big. It is actually TOO big, but I don't want to take out all the lovely hand stitches to take it up. Next time I make a dress I will try it on before I do the fancy stitching. Maybe this will be my fat dress for when the mint juleps catch up with me. Not that I am drinking that much (mom) I am just saying I know alcohol can pack on the pounds.
 This is the first one I made. My muslin if you will. It is big, but wonderful.

 This one is the "fancy" one. It fits so good. I love it crazy. My husband wants me to make him a shirt just like it. So I am...more of that below. This fabric is actually jersey sheets. You can find a whole bunch of yardage in a king size sheet set from Ross. It is all cotton, so what the heck. The thought of sleeping under all that jersey gives me the creeps because it is as hot as Hades here, but I guess there are other places on the planet where it is not as scorching as here. And Gosh I hope we get to move there when we are due to PCS. It is my turn to "pick" the next duty station, so I have been choosing all the cold places...cold and rainy. Who really cares what the job is? If Scotland needed my husband we would move there....or maybe Norway. I really draw the line at Russia. I don't like vodka. But anywhere else cold is A-OK with me

 So this is the seersucker version of the dress. I think I should probably wear a slip with this one. It fits really well too.
 So, this is the T-shirt I am making for my husband. The rooster will be on the back. He keeps saying it reminds him of his French heritage. French? What? What are you talking about? You aren't French. But I would move there...Is there anywhere cold and rainy in France? Paris gets rain, dosen't it? I don't want to live in Paris though. Too crowded. Maybe Alaska is the best choice for me. Don't you love getting to dream about where you move next? I do.

Speaking of is a fun story for you. OK, I have mentioned how hot it is here, right? Well, most of those dresses up above have been stitched on at the pool. There are 2 pools on base. One is kinda a women and children sort of pool. I really like it. My friends and I sit and chat while the kids swim around. There is also a more serious pool...a lap swimming pool. It is deep and my little guy is not the hottest swimmer in town so we don't go there very often. Well, the other day we did go after I collected my middle man from camp. We got there and were swimming around when I noticed the mood at the pool suddenly got kinda quiet and serious. I looked around and noticed men coming out of the locker room. Not just men (this is a base afterall and men are all over the place, but these were MEN) each one was bigger and more powerful than the one before. They were gorgeous. Magnificent specimens. Emma swam up to me and said " is like a horse show" What do you mean, Emma? "Well, It is like a horse show, but with men." You are right, darling.

It was Marine Water PT time. Our marines are pretty nice to look at. Just so you know...I am sure they are great in combat too...but I really can't judge that. They are good swimmers though.

Oh and here is a little clutch I finished this morning. Pretty huh? It was a battle to make it. Not that it was hard, it wasn't. It was just that as soon as I sat down to sew I was needed by each of my kids....crazy things and then Sweet Stanley wanted to go out for a fetch....I guess I have been away from my sewing machine so long no one knows that when I sit there I am working. There is not that much more time left to summer the kiddos go back to school next month. The summer haze will be over. We have had lots of fun this summer. I have loved playing with my little ones.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Vicki said...

Love it all. The pouch is adorable. I LOVE the bright colors with the camo. I still haven't got my t-shirts for making my version of the skirt, maybe I will have dh take us thrifting for part of our date tonight. 2 questions: what do you use for stenciling, and are your thread knots on the inside or outside? :D

the Campfollower said...

Thanks Vicki! When I do the reverse applique I keep my knots on the outside, but for the seams of the dresses the knots are mostly inside. For stenciling I have used a couple different things. I found a chisel tip fabric marker at hobby lobby that I think I like. I use these fabric paint sticks named Shiva sometimes and I really like the results. It takes a bit longer with the paint sticks to dry. I hope that helps you. Good luck with your hunt for cotton jersey!

Nikki said...

Ok, Tia. Those pictures of the dresses and the bag are really great, but where are the pictures of the "man show"? You painted the picture nicely with your description... but a picture's worth 1000 words!


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