Friday, July 15, 2011

What are you up to?

 Have you been doing well? We have. While there is not much time for long projects around here I have found time to prepare projects for hand work. Many ladies don't like to do the hand stitching, but I find it really nice sometimes. I made this grey dress with the tank dress pattern from Alabama Studio Style. I love that book and if you have been to my house more than once for a sewing afternoon I am sure I have had you flip through it. Natalie Chanin has such great wisdom in her writing and her designs are amazing. So, if you don't have a couple thousand spare dollars to toss down on a handmade dress you can just whip one up your self. And I do mean just whip it up. Very Very simple pattern to make. This one took a while because I did it all by hand, but even so I cut the fabric on Sunday afternoon and was wearing the dress on Tuesday.

 Much of the work was done by the pool while the kids swam. So it was very relaxing work. I even got to talk while working on it. You can't read and talk...sewing and talking is much better.
 Can you tell that the seams are on the outside? I opened up the seams and did a horizontal whip stitch to secure the seam. One of the really wonderful things about sewing with cotton jersey is that you do not have to finish the edges. It does not unravel or fray.

 I made this version yesterday with some seersucker I had on hand. My belly is not quite flat enough to wear this as boldly as I would like...I need to get back to exercising in the morning. And maybe laying off the goodies that seem to be flowing from my oven. I have Joy the Baker to thank for that. Thanks Joy.

 I have one more dress cut (this is just the front and back, the sides are on the back of my chair. They will not be reverse appliqued). This is going to be a long term project.

 My Emma wants a dress too...but she wants puppy paws instead of leaves. I think that is too sweet, so I will work on hers before I do the blue one for me.

 I was bit by a spider on Sunday. Maybe it was a spider...could have been a fire ant. I don't have much tolerance for those evil creatures anymore. But the fire ant bits tend to sting and itch...this one just aches and throbs. I went to the Dr and she lanced it (Gross) and then gave me antibiotics. It is now turning black...wonderful huh? Good thing I am not a leg model. This is another reason I have been on my behind sewing instead of being up at the cutting table doing bags.

 This was us this morning at 0630. Sam making paper airplanes, Ethan taking something apart (I think it was a cassette player) And me with a skirt I started last year.

 This is why my belly is getting a bit more round. Root Beer cupcakes with root beer icing. I had too much icing left over to toss out, so I made sugar cookies. Why not?

I have run out of steam on the Nautical napkin project...steam and fabric. I didn't believe all the fabric they recommend you buy, but I guess they are right. You will need a ton to finish the whole alphabet.

OK, so that is it for the now. I need to go get Emma.

Have a great day!


Vicki said...

Hi Tia, love your dress. I have been wanting to make the reverse applique skirt from Alabama Stitch for a while... maybe next week I'll go get some thrift t-shirts. I have a hard time deciding what colors to use though.

Sorry about your spider bite; I got a chigger bite yesterday. On my butt.

the Campfollower said...

Good luck with your skirt! I didn't repurpose t shirts, I just bought cotton jersey yardage from Hancock fabric. It was even on sale. I never think to cut up my tshirts. Your poor butt. I hope it doesn't itch too bad. If you paint it with clear nail polish it smothers the chigger and it won't itch anymore. I used to get bit by chiggers all the time as a kid.

Lori Kay said...

So glad you posted about your dress again. I couldn't see its full loveliness in the previous post. It looks wonderful on you.

Mar Flewelling said...

Love the came out gorgeous and fits you fluff and all...I have found men prefer a bit of fluff as it makes for the softest of places to nest. Just sayin ;o) you are my role model :o) great weekend for you and the whole clan

Mar Flewelling said...

I am currently dying to deconstruct my favorite khaki shorts as they are too baggy in the the booty, yee haw, and turn it into a cute skirt. Will maybe bust out some hand sewing skills to add my triangle of fabric front and back. You inspire me!! and I like my fluff, best place to make a nest is where there is fluff :o) great weekend my friend to you and the clan

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