Monday, August 8, 2011

A hot but quiet weeknd

 It is too hot to go outside and play...but it was a fine weekend for hanging out all day in your underwear and wrapping up in quilts all day long (as long as you are a little boy). I love this guys summer hair.

 See, just hang out and wrap up in a quilt...Mom has lots of them. They are everywhere.

 You can even drag them into the dining room and make tiny paper airplanes to send your grandpa. He will spend hours making tiny paper airplanes.

 We ripped out our sad little garden this weekend. It was just too hot for the tomatoes to bare fruit, so they just getting into trouble, and harboring horrible spiders.

 We did find this guy tucked away under the pepper plants. We will let him grow a bit.

 I finished this dress today. I love it and can't wait to wear it around. It is really easter egg, but I don't care. I will wear it anyway.

 I dyed the pink myself when we were stationed in Australia. The dye job is all spotty and really quite bad, but once again I really don't care. I do love this dress.

 I also finished this T-shirt  for my husband. I think he likes it... He wanted me to stitch "Of the Walk" below the cock, but obviously I didn't.

 I made fancy seams along the shoulders and arms and down the sides. A T-shirt is really easy to make. You don't even need a pattern. I took one of the shirts that I like the fit from his shirt drawer and drafted a pattern from it. All you will need is a front, a back, 2 sleeves and a neck binding. At first I was intimidated by the sleeves, but that was dumb because they were totally easy.

 Another note about this shirt is that I used 2 sheet sets (a heathery blue and a brown)  from Target to cut the fabric from. Cotton Jersey costs from $10 to $40 a yard. Well, I didn't want to invest that amount of money yet, so I figured a $25 king sized sheet set from Target was a better deal. It is not awesome cotton jersey, I will admit that. I am sure you can get MUCH better stuff from Natalie Chanin (and someday I will ) but for this go they worked fine. The colors do run like a race horse, so please wash them separately before you start your project. You get a TON of fabric in a King Sized Sheet set.

 I love these needles. They are my new favorites. I got them from Purl Soho.

They are sharp, slide through fabric wonderfully and the rounded ends don't hurt your finger that bad while you are sewing for a long stretch of time.

Have a great evening, dinner is ready for us.


Jennifer said...

What will happen to all those little knots? So they stay, like little cute tails? Or do they get snipped post-wash? Slightly related, I have a huge knot problem when machine sewing in general. Might need a phone consultation!

the Campfollower said...

Hey there Jennifer! How are you doing? The knots shall stay. I think they fray a bit (my control dress has been through the wash about 6 times now and all the knots are holding strong.

I am going to call you tomorrow. We will get your machine sorted out. Call me if I forget!


oversewn (Raven) said...

I love you t-shirt and dress!! SO so so awesome!

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