Friday, December 23, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

 I finished a quilt for someone special...I quilted it ages ago, but I finally bound it.

 Ethan sprained/broke his foot. A million x-rays were taken yesterday at the ER, but there was no radiologist on duty, so we will not know if it is broken or sprained until the hospital can scratch one up. I have no clue why there would not be a radiologist on duty at a city hospital in the middle of the week...but maybe this is how civilian medicine is practiced.

 He is enjoying limping around on his crutches and I get to play nurse again. His job was to find a spot for the mistletoe that my dad acquired yesterday while out driving around town.

 Emma is having a blast with my mom's little dog. She carries this creature around all day long. The little doggy has really damaged my Stanly's sense of dominance.

 My mom has just seen how quickly you can finish a quilt when you have a long arm. After I finished quilting this quilt I took it off the frame and folded it up to add to the small pile of quilts to be bound and my mom announced that she loves to bind quilts. So, I have put her to work. I have quite a few for her to bind. I will quilt her quilts for her, but she has to bind mine.  I think that deal will work out pretty well.

 The men were in charge of dinner tonight. My dad made fried rice and my husband played Angry Birds on my kindle.

 Mom and I went back to one of my favorite antique stores this afternoon and I bought this bag of scraps and blocks. At first I thought the quilter just had a big mess in this bag, but after I opened it and sorted trough the bits and pieces I found a method to her organizing.

 She had 3 of these strings of triangles in the bag and they are each strung on in order of stitching. What a great way to keep track of tiny pieces.

I also bought yet another old quilt top at the antique shop. I can't wait to quilt these 3 tops. I think each one is older than the one before it. Each is hand pieced...the green and yellow one has some staining, but maybe I can wash it out. My mom bought a spiderweb like quilt as well...I will get a picture of it when we quilt it.

OK, that is what we are doing around here. I hope your holidays are going well!



Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

That is such a lovely post Tia, I loved all the little bits and pieces of goings on - I love that you barter quilting and binding with your mum - I LOVE binding too, it's like an addiction to me! And the bit about your dad cooking and your husband playing angry birds made me laugh out loud.

Kim Bates said...

Looks like a fun time! Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

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