Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some sewing, both mine and others

 Hey there! How are you doing? I am good. I still don't have my Bernina 820 back. It is STILL in Kansas while I am in Texas. Heck we will probably be settled into our new dwelling in Leavenworth (that's right we are moving back to FT Leavenworth in July) before I get my hands back on my sewing machine. I talked with my lawyer and all I can do right now it take the Bernina shop to court, which I really don't want to do, but I can't do it until I am back in Kansas anyway. What a pain, huh? It sure is a great deal of work to get my lovely sewing machine back. I know this is small fries in the big happy meal of life, but it is frustrating. Shall we talk about something else?

Onto other news, I stopped by my favorite antique shop the other day on the way back from the library, and I did a bit of shopping. Sometimes I just can't leave quilt tops behind. This red spiderweb has been in a wad on the shelves of the shop for ages. I couldn't stand it any longer. It does have plenty of seams that need to be reinforced or restitched, but I can do that.

 I made a spiderweb quilt once and it was a VERY labor intensive effort. The results are so very worth it, but boy was is time consuming. II don't think this one will take as long to finish!

 Some dear soul washed the quilt top at one time and that makes me a bit sad because many of the seams are now frayed. I plan to quilt the heck out of it, so with that and good batting and a strong back I think we can get some very good use out of this beauty. It is full of feed sacks, and shirtings. It is very dramatic with the red background isn't it?

 I also had to pick up these star blocks. They really are quite ugly, but they looked so happy in their ugliness. I am going to get rid of the dreadful sashing between the blocks on the floor.

I made these liberated wedding rings for Sarah in my Bee FF 12 quilt bee. I must admit that they humbled me. I was so sure I did it right, but at the last minute I switched some of the corner blocks around and messed the whole thing up. I redid them the next morning and feel better about the whole situation.

 I am finally playing catchup with my block study blocks. Lucinda has been ever so patient with me so 4 of these are hers and the others are mine for the quilt that I will eventually make myself.

 These are Lucinda's.

 My favorite is the Basket block. I added some flowers.

 I went to a baby shower today and gave this blanket as a gift. I don't think it was liked very much, so I was relieved that I didn't spend more time on it. I kinda wish I would have just gone to Walmart like everyone else. DO you ever feel like that after you give a hand made gift? I hope I am not alone in my feelings.  It makes me sad when I can't make people love Ingrid Press as much as I do.

This is a short cut version of my Ingrid Press Leaf quilt I used cotton jersey that I dyed last weekend to make this blanket. I loved using Cotton Jersey blankets to swaddle my babes.

Last by not least is my inspiration for the DQS12. I have a good story about it, but I will save it for another time since I feel I have talked too much already!

Have a great rest of your weekend!



Angie Willis said...

I wish we could know who appreciates homemade gifts as much as we do before we put all that effort into it. Homemade gifts are priceless!! Some people realize and appreciate that and some people would just as soon have a walmart gift card! I wish I could identify which ones are appreciators!

What Comes Next? said...

love that red backing on that spiderweb. Lots of fun stuff happening!

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