Friday, March 23, 2012

Some quilting and some sewing

 Hey there! Mucho sewing and quilting has been going on here around my house. I finished quilting this quilt for our LQS (Wool and Cotton)

 I made my blocks for my BeeFF 12 group. These are going to go into a quilt for Karen's 10 year old son.

 I quilted my swoon quilt. It took a ton of thread and much longer than I thought it would. But it is finished now and I am ready to bind it.

 I also finished quilting this strip quilt this morning. I really wanted to do some really simple quilting after all the detail I put into the Swoon quilt. I am going to bind this with green. I think it will look great. It is already one of my favorite quilts. I used some very special hand dyed fabric from Cherrywood Hand Dyes and some of my favorite lime greens.

I am going to put up a tutorial for this quilt (or one like it using Jelly Rolls) on my other blog soon. There are also more pictures of the quilts on my Tia Curtis Quilts blog and a bit more about my process for  both the quilting and the making of the quilts.

 As you can see, my Bernina 820 is back. It seems to be working well. I am going to bind these 2 quilts and see how things go. I may just sell the machine on Craigs list. I have learned a great deal while the machine was away. I have had a great deal of time for introspection....I don't think I NEED this machine. I like the machine and I want the machine, but I don't NEED it.

 Here is a fabric pull for my next quilt. It is going to be a Hero Quilt for Chief Windorski's widow. He died back in 2009. She and I have talked about this quilt for literally years, and finally we are both ready to go forward with it. This flight suit has made 3 moves with my family.

 This book arrived in the mail today! I love it already. Go buy one for yourself too.

Let's end this post up with this guy. He was out picking wild flowers for me. What a sweetie. His sunburn is peeling off and his teeth are falling out. I love him so much.


Brenda said...

I like the string/strip quilt in hand dyes and the swoon quilt with the Lotta fabrics. I've just been playing with little bits of that line myself. great finishes, and I'm glad your Bernina story had a happy ending.

What Comes Next? said...

You have been busy Tia! The quilting all looks fabulous - and I love the string quilt - green will look fabulous for the binding. What a really sweetie you have there - lovely bouquet he picked for you!

Emma said...

I love the way you mixed up the quilting designs on that first quilt! I hope your 820 is truly better. I'm still learning my way around mine!

kaschmir said...

hi tia
are you sure you can give the 820 up? i have mine since about a year and i LOVE it. :)

one question: where did you get your sewing table? is is custom made / diy / who is the maker?

after paying for the floormodel 820, i have to find a frugal solution for a table... so if you could give me any details i'd be really happy.

kind regards from germany

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

oh the 820! I see now.. I teach on one in my Frame class and its so nice... but I really love my 440 and dont see the need to get another.
My next quilt I think is going to be a lotta quilt I think... Im excited to use it ..

Spoolhardy Girl said...

Gorgeous, beautiful fabulous quilts each and every one. But, you know I'm partial to the Swoon!
PS. How are you able to deny ANYTHING that sweet boy asks for!?!?!?

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