Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A story about our bed

 Good morning folks! How was your weekend? I  hope it was great. Ours was. The weather was perfect and we just stayed around the house playing outside and getting ready for yet another move. I guess one thing good about moving every 2 years or so is that you get to purge junk frequently.  So, I have a story for you this morning. It is a bit scary, so get ready.

My husband and I have been married for 14 years (in may) for most of our marriage we have slept on a little full sized bed. It is a great bed, but quite small for 2 adults. For the most part it didn't matter how big our bed was because my husband was away for most of the time anyway and when he was home I always squirm all the way over to him and try to wedge myself half way under him. See he is always so warm and I am normally cold. Anyway...when we moved here to San Angelo, TX we decided that we would be getting a new bed. A Queen sized one. Big time, huh? Well, we looked all over and had a really hard time finding something to make both of us happy. I wanted something artsy and Stu wanted something comfortable. Most of the beds we found were totally dreadful and so poorly made there is no way they would have made one move much less at least 4 more. I also really wanted a bed made in the US. I decided that I was done tossing my money to China. Well, after almost 2 months of looking we decided on this massive bed. Well, actually not this one, the one in the last picture.

 So the bed got delivered and it turned out that this particular bed was not actually made in the US at all. Oh my. Well....it is already here and really big so I love it and we shall keep it. It was made close to the US, it was made in Mexico by Mennonites. Well a couple months go by...and I notice this funny bug on the window. He is a big fellow and seems to live a really long time. Weeks he lives on my window. I just figure it was some sort of bug the boys had brought inside and it escaped them. Bugs really don't bother me so I didn't smash him with a shoe.

Well, sir about a month ago when the weather was really getting nice we kept our windows open to let in the fresh air. I guess the open windows was an open call to the critters who had been living in the wood of my bed. One morning I woke up to about 20 on my window. One I don't mind so much but 20!? Yes...my lovely big bed was infected with Powder Post Beetles. From Mexico. I captured a bunch that were on my window and put them in a jar. I marched back to the shop I had bought my bed from and plopped the jar on the counter. I told the folks what was happening and within 36 hours I had a brand new bed and a fumigated home. The customer service was outstanding. This new bed is much bigger that the first one and made entirely of cedar. The first one was juniper. The cedar smells quite nice, I don't think we will ever have a moth problem. The bed was also treated twice to kill off any possible eggs/larvae.  

So I was dealing with this at the same time I was trying to negotiate with Bernina and Fed Ex to get my sewing machine home. Ahh. What an adventure. I know intellectually that wooden beds are made from plants and plants grow outside and bugs make their homes in them...but I didn't really even think about opening up my home to a nest of beetles. Make sure you think about that before you go buy a massive bed made my Mexican Mennonites.

The top two pictures are of the new bed. The bottom picture is the old bed.

Have a lovely day!



em's scrapbag said...

It is a lovely bed. Glad you got rid of the bug problem.

Katie said...

Good heavens! It's gorgeous….but it's so huge! :-)

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