Monday, March 19, 2012

A week at the Beach

The beach was AWESOME. If you are ever in Texas or near Texas and want to go to the beach, Port Aransas is wonderful. It is such a great little beach town. We are now back in San Angelo, but we are rested and ready to get back to the rhythm of our little lives. We ate stacks of fish and shrimp (many caught by my husband), we logged in miles of walking on the beach, Emma brought home bags of shells, we all got sunburned and my muscles are still screaming at me after digging sand for sand castles (who knew that was such a workout?) teeth were lost (Sam his first and Emma lost 2 more). I finished the hand quilting on my Doll Quilt for the Swap. Our little vacation was wonderful and much needed. Today is a recovery day to do laundry and vacuum my van, but tomorrow I return to my sewing machines.

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What Comes Next? said...

sounds - and looks - like it was a wonderful break!

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