Sunday, March 11, 2012

We will be checking out for a bit

Hey there! This last week has been super block full, so we will be taking some time off over Spring break to recover.

Emma is now the proud owner of the coolest bike around. She outgrew her other bike quite suddenly. I didn't even influence her on the selection, but boy do I love it! It's name is patchwork. Cute huh? We will be adding a basket to the front this week.

Ethan turned 9. He is a dear fellow.

He got a DS and a book for his birthday

Everyone is amazed about the technology

2 days later Sam turned 7.

He got a book and a couple games.

I also made him a little notebook cover for his drawings. He will spend hours drawing!

Sharon, Stacy and Martha came over to sew and it was so fun! I love Sharon's take on Welsh quilting. Stacy is working on a Welsh quilt too.

And I finished a couple orders. Whoo....I am tired! I hope your week was good. I plan to spend some quiet time with my family over Spring Break. Maybe a bit of hand sewing involved and I will be working on my DQS12 quilt too. I will be praying for the folks over at Bernina KC...maybe they will have some luck during their chats with Fedex.


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