Sunday, June 17, 2012

I am here...just crazy busy

 Hey there. I am still here just really really busy. We are moving again...and we are dealing with the very worst parts...leaving friends. Sharon and her family left early so they didn't have to watch us pack up and drive off without them. You see it is ALWAYS easier to Leave than to be LEFT, right? I think so.

 Many many tears were shed and I am pretty sure I will be getting a smart phone so I can keep in touch with Sharon. She has only been gone a couple days and I keep having to make myself stop before charging across the street with something I made or a question for her. My kids are so sad too. Ethan has adopted the "invisible friend" technique. I sure hope our next neighborhood has some kids in it. Nothing can compare to Sharons great family, I know.

 I have been making Texas flags like a one woman sweat shop. The are pretty simple to make, but the quilting is my favorite part.

 I made a quilt for Sharon and her kids. She kept bringing over paintings and gifts, but it takes a lot longer to make a I tried to hide the strips and rows I was working on while we had coffee or whatever. I wanted it to be a surprise.

 Here are the feet and hands of all our kiddos. 8 children between us.

 We went to the Army Birthday Ball. I made my dress because I was too plump to fit into any of my other dresses. I went to Dillard's and tried on every pair of Spanks they had. Those darn things kept rolling the fat in ugly directions...I figured that it was the pantie lines I was trying to hide so in the end I just went commando. I know from the picture it is hard to tell, but there are a zillion hand stitches down the front, back and sides of the dress. I dyed the fabric myself as well. You would think I totally had a big plan and vision, but nope...I actually forgot all about the ball until a couple weeks ago and I had to make magic happen. Good thing Cotton Jersey is forgiving. The pattern I used is from Natalie Chanin's new book Studio Sewing and Design. I love her patterns and her philosophy is splendid as well.

 There was also a big Change of Command. Summer time is the time to move in the Army. There is a new battalion commander here in San Angelo.

 The change of command took place at Fort Concho. They even got to ride horses. I think all Changes of Command should involve horseback riding.

 Sam nas been re-enacting the change of command over and over all over the house.

 I finished a Texas flag wall hanging this morning as well...and I still have bags to finish! Don't worry ladies! I have not forgotten about you!

I always forget all the drama that walks hand in hand with moving...getting shot records, medical records, dental records, All of Emma's hearing tests and a copy of her IEP, Vet records for the menagerie that will be moving with us. Sorting all the junk we have accumulated, go to parties and act like little pixies with their magic dust are flitting about my house cleaning and sorting for me. Find a place to stay for the night while on the road that will accept not just the 5 of us humans that are traveling, but also the 2 cats and sweet Stanley the Lab. No one seems to mind the dog, it is the cats no one wants to have in the hotel rooms. Oh and when we get to Kansas we have to find somewhere to board the pets until we close on our new house. Whew. Do you see what is going down here? It is crazy time I tell you. Nothing we (and a thousand other families just like ours) haven't done before...but each time new issues spring up. Oh and we are still not totally sure the movers will move my long arm. Keep your fingers crossed for us.



Lynn said...

This post is wonderful. I know you are moving and all... that's sad but so many new beginnings and maybe this will be the last move. You will have to adopt the empty your house every couple of years and put back just what you want technique of cleaning just to keep the clutter in check. Your neighbors will think you are very interesting people.

You have no idea how much I love you. I'm getting all teary over the feet and hands picture and then I have to think about you going to the Army Ball commando. I love that you "keep it real" here. Never a dull moment.

Are you sure you can't move to Michigan?


Annaliese said...

wow! busy busy! I hope the move goes as quickly and smoothly as possibly for you guys! Your son's recreation was adorable ;)

Amy P said...

We're moving in three weeks, and oh how I wish I had "little pixies with their magic dust" doing some of this work! Glad you mentioned vet records--I need to add that to my list. :)

Hope all goes well with your move!

Hoola Tallulah said...

I sympathise with the move, I hope it goes as smoothly as possible and that you will all be soon nestled in your lovely new home, fingers crossed for the long arm too!
Your red dress is fabulous, I would love to see this close up, you look amazing and your hubby super proud. I was thinking of getting the Natalie Chanin book... <3

elnorac said...

What a great post! Your description of how you felt moving away from Sharon gave me chills! And your sewing is incredible!

Hope all goes absolutely the best in your move to Kansas...

✿ Elnora ✿

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