Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hulsopple "Stu Tote" Diaper Bag

 Hey there! Here is my first Stu Tote that I have finished since getting settled.  The lady I made this bag for wanted to be able to use it reversible (all my bigs without zippers are indeed reversible) but she wanted no uniform fabric visible when she flipped the bag inside out. No problem. I can do that. She also wanted elastic pockets on the sides of the bags....those required some additional thought and planning and tweaking of my normal design. But I think they turned out very nice.

 She will have lots of places to keep her diaper bag organized and sorted.

 See, there are elastic side pockets on the outside of the bag too.

 I made a very simple diaper changing pad to go with the bag.

 I love how this design turned out and I hope it is carried in Health and Happiness for years and years to come!


Kristin L said...

I think those elastic pockets should be a regular feature on your Stu totes! Looks great. :-)

Isisjem said...

Yep those elasticated pockets are a great detail!

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