Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Sphinx Treadle

At what point do you have too many sewing machines? Between you and me, I do think I am there. Especially with this purchase. I bought a lovely Sphinx Treadle today. In my defense I did leave behind 2 other sewing machines...I was a bit proud while I drove away. Who would have thought that I would leave a sewing machine behind? Well, I did.  Look at that lovely artwork on the body of the machine.

I wish Bernina would do this. Paint beautiful pictures on their sewing machines.  I have been looking for a treadle for years. Since I was in Australia I have been on the hunt for a treadle. After a bit of research I decided that I wanted a fancy machine...either a RedEye or a Sphinx. I also wanted a pretty table. That was important too. I think this one it Tiger Maple. It will polish up really pretty.

 She is even beautiful from behind. I really don't have time right now to take her apart and clean and oil her, but soon. First I need my husband to come home and help me get her inside. She will be in the foyer.

I need to order a treadle belt for her, but I have the hand crank attachment I can use in the mean time if all the power goes off and I NEED to sew.

According to my research she is a 15-97. I can't find her serial number, which is strange....but I will keep looking. I would like to know how old she is. There are some spiders that need to be removed before she comes in too. All in all she is quite lovely.

With this machine I have 11.
2 Berninas
1 Gammill
3 singer featherweights
2 Singer 301s
1 singer 99 (I think)
1 Necchi

It is a sickness! But at least they all work and are in good condition.

How many sewing machine do you have? Do you collect them like me?

I hope I am not alone in this. Maybe I should sell some? I think I know which one I would put up for sale first.

OH well, time to get back to work!


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badlandsquilts said...

Gorgeous purchase! I've been watching for a 301 since you posted about long as each have there purpose why not? My mom will hang on to a machine just because of one stitch!

DianeY said...

I'm beginning to think I'm a weirdo as I have only one machine, an older Bernina 930 that I love and would never give up. I also have a serger. My old machine, from about 25 years ago lives at my daughters house, but that's 2500 mi across the Pacific, so it doesn't really count

Kristin L said...

WOW! She is beautiful! I don;t blame you for bringing her home.

I have three machines: a 6 year old-ish Bernina that is my main machine, a 46 year old Viking Huskvarna that is my backup or secondary machine (I can do simple piecing on the Viking while simultaneously doing embroidery or something fancy on the Bernina), and a Naumann treadle machine that I got while in search of a treadle base without a machine. The Naumann is in good working order, but because it has a bullet shaped bobbin and an owner's manual in German, I've never tried to actually fill the bobbin and use the machine. Gotta do that because the kids love treadling!

Pam said...

My grandmother used to have a singer treadle, and I used to push the treadle for her when I was little. She is responsible for my sewing abilities today.

Brenda said...

she's a beauty -- both the machine and the cabinet are lovely. I have a newish Juki, a 40-year-old Elna, a Singer FW, an old fiddle base hand crank machine, a plain Jane electrified treadle, a serger, and a Little Queen toy machine.

Carmi said...

I have 5 machines. Handiquilter 16 180E Bernina, Janome Jem, my mom's Elna, my high school graduation present, a White and my great grandma's treadle. I haven't cleaned her or used her. I would love to get her going but haven't a clue how to start on the maintenance. It would be great if you would have a video for the maintenance you do on the treadle. Also, will you be getting your parts from the same website as your other Singers?

Mar Flewelling said...

Tia you are right...that machine is Gorgeous!! Table too! How could you resist buying such a beautiful tool...not a sickness, you love and use them all...which one is the Ferarri? LOL...I remember being so intimidated quilting on that one...I can run a class 5 rapid, but don't give me a fancy sewing machine, it could reduce me to a trembling mess LOL!
Miss you, loving keeping up with you on the blog...found a bunch of desert cammo tops at a stitching shop here...going to make up a new always I do not sew without thinking of you and all you taught me, inspired in me, and the laughter we shared.
Misses and kisses

jan said...

That is a lovely machine! I have a Singer coffin top treadle that I pieced my first few quilt tops on, a Featherweight, a Singer 503 Rocketeer and a Bernina that I bought in January. I have bought several other mid-century Singers that I have given to my nieces. Oh, I almost forgot an early 20th cent Singer, the kind that has he curved wood cover. It is hard to leave them behind when I see them for sale...

Spoolhardy Girl said...

Absolutely stunning! I didn't know such a thing even existed. I have a Costco Special Brother, and a Janome 6300, I love them each for different reasons, but neither can compare in beauty to the Singer Treadle!

Hoola Tallulah said...

I would love to have a go on a treadle, the simplicity of it really appeals to me, and this, WOW, what a beautiful find!

Aleisia said...

Did you find out what she is? I've just been lucky enough to purchase one that looks EXACTLY LIKE THIS on eBay, dying to know more about it!!

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