Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some sewing has been happening!

 Good Morning! I finally am taking a moment to sit down and blog. I actually worked in some sewing time this week. My children had all sorts of doctor and dentist appointments over the past few days and that really messes with my sewing schedule. Hopefully all the appointments are almost over and the dust has settled a bit for the next 6 months.  So, above is one of the blocks I made for Louise in my BeeFF12 Flickr Bee. The other 4 are down below somewhere.  Blogger decided they didn't belong together in the pots and I am too stupid to figure out how to move them around.

Louise wanted to have blue and cream traditional blocks. That was a fun change of pace after doing wonky liberated piecing so long.

 The kids have been eating their weight in crepes for breakfast. Crepes are the easiest thing in the world to make and so super fast! You can fill them with anything. My kids love the lingonberries, so that is what goes inside these normally.

 My Sweet Brunhilda the Bernina has been working hard for me and she is such a joy to use when she is working well. Stanley has been my constant companion an would be laying on my feet, but I move from the cutting table, to the sewing machine to the iron too much for him to keep up with so he lays right in the middle of the whole operation to be the very most in the way...and have a little pat from time to time. I know you are jealous of my will be coming up someday, I swear this to be true!

 I finished this bag a couple days ago and it needs it's own blog post because it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

 Here are Louise's other blocks. She wanted one block to be 12.5 inches (that is the one above) and 4 to be 6.5 inches.

So, I am still not sleeping all through the night. I was pointed to an article about sleep patterns long ago, seems I am fitting in with medieval people. So I am taking advantage of the awake time and planning quilts, doing laundry and praying...and maybe other things as the opportunity arises. So far the lack of sleep is not affecting me too badly. Takes me back to college when I rarely slept due to working all the time at the hospital. I figure it will come to a head eventually, for now I will embrace it.

My mother's surgery is on the 10th of September. Please keep her (Judy Stevens) in your prayers and her Surgeon (Dr Loomis). I can't express how much we appreciate your prayers and good wishes.


byneedleandthread said...

Sending lots of love to your mom and your family. The blocks for my mom are beautiful! I've never made crepes but they are tasty. Do you use a specific recipe?

Marjorie H said...

I really like the blue blocks, good job. I read the bbc article about sleep and I think it's good 'stuff'. If we can only get the fast-paced, techno world to co-operate! Oh well, we can each just march to our own drummer.

Jan Mac said...

I love the new bag Tia and I'll keep you Mum in my prayers for a speedy recovery from her surgery.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Dee said...

Sending good thoughts to your mum.

I actually like the carpet, it reminds me of 4 patch squares in earthy tones. It could make a good mens quilt.

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