Friday, August 24, 2012

Sorta back at it

 So, how are you doing? I hope you all are good. I have been quiet around here haven't I? I have frankly been too busy to blog....I guess I should do my blogging about 0230 since I am wide awake then...desperately trying to squeeze my eyes shut and force myself to return to sleep. I wind up lying there for about 2 hours awake and thinking of all the things I could be doing if only I was not trying to make myself go back to sleep. Night before last I was thinking all about fracking. For real. That was what I was laying there freaking out about. I have no control over fracking, nor do I actually know anyone who has had problems with it, but man was I worrying about it and how it is going to mess up our precious fresh water supply. Last night at 0230 I was laying there wide awake and just decided to get up and do laundry. By 0430 I was a bit tired again so I went back to bed. Man this insomnia is really annoying. Do any of you do this? I have no problem actually going to sleep, but staying asleep is my problem. I know I am absurdly stressed right now worrying about my mother, so that must be it. She has another appointment today with her neurosurgeon, so we should know when the surgery is going to be and what the expected outcomes are. Thank you all for your prayers, her name is Judy Stevens and I love her so very much.

 Onto other subjects now. Here is another Texas flag quilt. My daughter made this top and I quilted it for her. I need to bind it and then it will go in my shop...or maybe I will keep it as a sample. I don't really know.

I have been quilting secret quilts for a book. I can't show you pictures, but imagine zillions of pebbles and even more straight lines. I also have been working on bags, and I have even started pattern drafting again! I sketched out 2 bag patterns yesterday while waiting at the Dentist office for Sam;s appointment.

 We finally got a new computer. Yes, I have made the jump to Mac. I think I love it. All our computers bit the dust during this move (some twice). Basically I want to trade in all my PC stuff and just get MAC products for the rest of my life. Maybe I will even step into the real world with a smart phone...but not for a while on that.

 I have been doing tons of cooking from my favorite magazine. We LOVE Everyday Food. I have almost made each recipe in the magazine for this month. That triple apple cake was not a success and took AGES to make, so don't waste your time, but the Pork roast was great.

 My sweet Stu framed my design wall so now it looks really neat and tidy instead of the big swath of batting I had nailed up to the wall. I need to think about painting the trim he put up around it and finish painting the wall.

 I am finally catching up on my Bee FF 12 blocks. These are for Helen in Australia. She wanted Modern Mosaic blocks, one purple and one pink.

 The Tutorial is by Oh Fransson and you can find it HERE if you want to give them a try as well.

And of course I have been busy with these guys. They have been back in school since the 9th of August (school really started EARLY here). They are loving school so much, and I am so thrilled that they are going to such a great school. If you are military and you are moving to FT Leavenworth, have your kids go to school on post. The schools are so so so good.

OK, I have sewing to do.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my the kids are getting so big it seems like everywhere I look, all the kids are growing up. No good!

bellsjo said...

Hearing you talk about waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to sleep for a couple of hours made me remember something I read recently - you might find it interesting! It explores the idea that historically we used to have two blocks of sleep with a time of wakefullness in the middle.

Anita said...

Oh boy have I had issues with insomnia as well. Well, the things I've learned... lots of Vit. C and B complex for adrenal support... give yourself a wind down time at night an hour before bed. Turn down the lights, no TV, no computer, slow book... maybe a little protein before going to bed. Almonds, turkey, yogurt. Turkey has tryptophan which is what makes you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner... maybe a hot relaxing bath before bed... Some of my friends like melatonin. But it doesn't work for me. I've read that your body only needs a little bit and can soon become saturated and then it doesn't work as well.

Hope you find some rest soon. Stress is hard on the body!

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